Plant Nutrient Testing

    Plant analysis provides additional information to support soil tests. Symptoms on plant leaves are helpful in evaluating nutrient deficiencies in crops. Plant analysis measures the nutrient content of plant tissue. Comparing the results with normal values for a crop can indicate whether nutrient supply is adequate for optimum growth.

    Plant analysis is independent of soil testing and can provide valuable additional information. It is most useful if the results from the plant analysis are combined with soil tests, visual inspection of the crop, and knowledge of past field management.

    When analysing stressed plants to determine a potential issue, samples are best taken from a problem area in the field rather than from the entire field. It is often helpful to sample an adjacent area of healthy plants at the same time, to allow for the comparison of results between the healthy plants and the stressed plants. Sample the plants that are suspected of being nutrient deficient as soon as possible from when the problem appears.

    Available Spring 2024


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