Soil Genomic Microbe Testing

    Discovery Nutrient Analysis uses genomic technologies to examine the soil’s biology by providing a comprehensive analysis of your biological soil’s composition. Soil biodiversity is affected by past and current farming practices, like long-term fertilizer use, and other widespread commodity agronomic activities. Maximizing crop production requires the analysis and quantification of soil biodiversity and how that impacts crop production.

    By providing high-quality information to farmers and agronomists about the biological components of soil, they can make better management decisions. We start by digitizing the biological data and decoding it into easy-to-understand information determining the microorganisms and pathogens present. We then combine the biology with traditional soil nutrient and plant nutrient testing to provide a complete picture of the soil environment.

    By analysing soil genomics and combining that with soil and plant chemistry we can deliver insights into the health of a field. This information measures the success of regenerative farming practices and how they improve agricultural food production sustainability and crop quality. Incorporating the power of cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology allows us to deliver effective agricultural management recommendations.

    Available Summer 2024


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