Soil Nutrient Testing

    Soil nutrient analysis is an important part of modern regenerative farming and can provide information related to the rate of nutrients needed for optimal growth and yield. Soil nutrient analysis also helps determine the efficiency of nutrient use. Soil test results provide a snapshot of the nutrient status in the soil at the time of sampling.

    High yields occur when plant genetics, fertility level in the soil, and the availability of moisture are optimized. Soil testing is the most accurate tool available to determine nutrient requirements for a crop. Soil nutrient testing allows for the proper management of crop nutrition. This involves choosing the right sources of nutrients, applying them at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place, to achieve the greatest benefit to the cropping system with the least environmental impact. On low fertility soils, it may be profitable to add as much, or more, fertilizer as a crop removes. On high fertility soils, adding fertilizer may not be profitable and may occasionally reduce yields.

    How and when a soil sample is collected matters. What you can interpret from the results will depend on the way a sample is collected. Generally, pre-plant, post harvest, or trouble shooting are the main sampling strategies to consider.

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